Mendocino Mountain Farms is a legacy operated boutique Cannabis cultivation company that specializes in high grade Fresh Frozen Flower, Dry Flower, and genetic development.  

Our focus is to cultivate and curate the most exurbian floral expressions that Cannabis has to offer.  

Mendocino Mountain Farm “MMF” is located on the top of Orr springs road just six miles west of Ukiah CA. Setting atop of nearly 2000’ elevation with 160 acres of expansive mountain views. 

Our farm is supported by several deep wells with an abundance of perfectly clean water, excellent sun exposure and just outside of the coastal weather band.  

Our higher elevation gifts us typically ten degrees cooler temperatures than the lower elevations, as well as an abundance of air flow due to coastal weather pushing through the Mendocino coastal mountains. Also, very important protection from late Fall frost that typically occurs in the valleys below. All these natural properties make Mendocino Mountain Farms one of the best possible settings for our living soil organic Cannabis farm.  

Our standards and quality of production are founded on over 30 years of cultivation, genetic steering, and hash evolution.  

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